Barbara Downs Repost

Today is a change from my normal post subject. I posted this last year in honor of my mom, and it was one of my most popular posts. So, I thought I would repost it for Mother’s day once again. Here’s to all the great Mothers, Mommies, Moms, Mas, and Matriarchs!

My mom. The strongest, bravest, most amazing person I have ever known. She gave me a home and a wonderful family when she adopted me, and proceeded to view me as her own blood to such an extent, she once forgot that I was adopted. Imagine that. A mother loving her child so much, that she forgets I didn’t physically come from her. I had to remind her!

She raised my two big sisters and I on almost nothing. I drove her to the office to do all the paperwork to start recieving social security checks. They gave her a printout of her tax claims over her entire life. When I saw what she was making while raising us, I almost cried. Literally! Seeing that, I knew she had to have sacrificed every personal want so that she could provide what we, her children, needed.

Can you imagine doing that? No going to movies. No drinks with friends. No nice clothes. She never even toyed with the idea of dating. We were her entire focus. We were her entertainment. We were her future. Nothing else mattered to her, except the safety, health, and betterment of her children.

In turn, she is our hero. She made us laugh. She sang our silly little songs with us while taking family drives through the country. (“There’s more corn, there’s more corn, there’s more corn on the cobbie, cobbie!”) She showed us that it didn’t take money to be happy. She was our world. She is the person we always knew would be there when we needed her. She is the perfect definition of  “Mother”. When you look the word up in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Barbara Downs.

She’s in her mid-seventies now. Retired and tired. Enjoying not having to go anywhere or see anyone she doesn’t want to.(“I’m in my seventies now. I know enough people. I don’t need to meet any new ones.”) Enjoying being a grandmother to my sister’s daughter. Enjoying the first time in her life, since she was an early teen, that she doesn’t have to go to work ever again. She loves her movies, her “stories” (soap operas), and taking unexpected naps in her Lazyboy. She deserves every second of her retirement. She has no idea how to use the internet, and doesn’t care to. She, sort of, knows how to use a dvd player, but is still a little afraid of breaking it if she touches it. And, although she has taken to texting, tHe TExts ThaT i gET FroM HER Can soMEtIMEs lOOk QUitE Odd, but I still get the message. She loves me and continually misses seeing her son when I’m not there.

So, on this day for all mothers, instead of my normal ranting and raving, I dedicate this post to Mom. The most wonderful, happy inducing person I know. Even though you’ll never read this (note the lack of internet use mentioned earlier), thank you. I am who I am today because of you.

Alright, I need to go call her now, or I’ll be in trouble.


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