Easter For Sale

So, Easter came and went in yet another year, and yet again, was uneventful. No great epiphanies. No sage wisdom from above. Plenty of church signs telling me ‘He is arisen’, and ‘He walks among us’, but someone really needs to point Him out to me. I seem to keep missing running into Him. It’s like John Lennon stated, “He’s got to be good lookin’, cause He’s so hard to see!” Yeah…..come together over someone you can’t see. That makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Now, I did see quite a bit of other things people were coming together around. Chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and chocolate flowers were everywhere in our Capitalist country. (I, luckily, got something more fitting to my personal tastes. I got a chocolate monkey for Easter………jealous much!?) Plenty of cards, candy, and toys were gracing the aisles of the convenience stores, groceries, and drug stores that I entered throughout the holiday, but not many reminders of the god in human form that I was taught was the whole reason for the extra day off. I mean, yeah, if you hang out in a church or the likes, that little figure who looks strikingly like a fit Ted Nugent on a cross, is everywhere. But, as it seems to me, outside of sites of worship, and the several poorly acted out made for T.V. movies that air all day, you don’t see much of ‘The Savior of Man’ anywhere else. Sort of like regular, everyday life. Just a lot more chocolate involved.

That really doesn’t bother me all that much. God wasn’t originally a part of the party to begin with. This is simply a result of Christianity hijacking yet another heathen celebration, and injecting God into it. It was a ‘Hey, it’s my birthday too!’ type of situation. This has been done, as far as I can tell, because the secular, Pagan celebrations were more popular. More fun. More lively. Something people actually enjoyed. Is it any wonder God got lost in the midst of that? People were already celebrating the fruits of life renewed in the spring. Things that seemed dead all winter came back to life! Trees, flowers, and crops that wouldn’t grow for months now bloomed once again in all their natural glory. The world became green and alive again. That was something they could see. They had physical evidence of it. And they celebrated it. They didn’t need any other reason. Yes, they had to work hard and toil in their fields to make it beneficial, but according to the believers, all their work was for naught if God’s will didn’t allow the land to be fruitful. This message comes across to me as a huge ‘Tsk tsk tsk! Why are you celebrating the land, you savages? You shouldn’t celebrate your hard work and diligence. This is God’s doing, not  yours!’ Kind of a downer, right?

I know the community of believers will see all of this commercialism involved as a horrible warping of their sacred holiday, but to me it just the opposite. The date is being reclaimed by the secular overtones that it originally started out with. This, my friends, parallels the whole debate about taking the phrase, ‘under God’ out of the American Pledge of Allegiance. It wasn’t there to begin with (‘Under God’ was added in 1953, in case you didn’t know.), what’s the big deal about it returning to its original form. As far as I can see, removing God  wouldn’t change the beneficial pluses of either of them. Easter Sunday would still be filled with fun, excitement, and joy. The ‘Pledge’ would still show loyalty to the country we live in.  With no religious connotations involved in either case, we’d have one less thing to fight over while we should be celebrating! And here’s the kicker! Anyone who wants to include Him still can. That’s the beauty of a free country. And we are still a free country, aren’t we?


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  1. I am completely and utterly jealous of your chocolate monkey. I do not have a chocolate monkey, and this makes me sad.

    Other than that, great post. 🙂

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