The More We Learn, The Less We Know.

So, I have been known to say that I believe science will someday be able to explain all of the questions that we don’t have answers for today. From the responses that I have gotten from people when I say that, I feel I need to expand on that a little more. I want people to understand that I don’t think we will ever know everything. I don’t believe that is possible. See, that’s the thing about infinity. There is no end. And I do believe that the multiverse is infinite. Within this situation, we still continue to try to answer the questions we have using scientific study. We study, learn,and quite often are surprised by what we find, but we progress. Things that were considered ‘magic’ in the past, we now can explain sensibly thanks to science. I think that the same will occur in the future with the things that we don’t understand today. Now, the reason I don’t believe that we will someday figure out EVERYTHING is that every time we find an answer for a question that we have, several more are usually raised. Each time we learn something new, it opens the door to other enigmas to unlock. As far as we know, that process may never end. To be honest, I hope it never does. Maybe that is the reason we are here, if there has to be one. A purpose of progressing, moving forward through time and space infinitely. Learning what we can learn, and finding whatever we find. No one actually knows what we may find the further we travel away from Earth. No one can tell us exactly what it would be like if we ever were able to study a black hole from the inside. Well, not too long ago, humans were in the same situation when pondering things we know about today. No one knew there were these microscopic organisms called germs that could make us ill. No one knew what we would find with a chance to study the surface of the moon while on the surface of the moon. But that changed. When we answered those questions, we suddenly had new ones to study.  I believe that will continue to be the case as we stumble forward in time, and hurtle farther into outer space. That sounds pretty exciting to me. I think that’s enough of a reason to exist.