All In Good Time

I have been told several times, by believers, that they feel just looking at the world/universe and all of it’s wonders is proof that God exists. They ask “If God didn’t make all of this, then how do you explain why it is all here?”  This doesn’t make sense to me. Why doesn’t it? Because that is the same reasoning our ancestors used when they believed in Odin, when they believed in Zeus, when they believed in Ra. I’ll give you a scenario:

Skeptic: “I don’t believe Odin exists.”

Believer: “Then how do you explain the lightning and thunder? How do you explain why no one ever returns from the mountain top, where they live, alive? Who do you think decides what happens, good or bad, in our lives?”

Skeptic: “I don’t know.”

Believer: “So how can you think so foolishly that Odin and the gods don’t exist?”

I’m sure that argument was completely convincing without the knowledge of how lightening comes to be. Without the tools or knowhow to reach the peak of a mountain. It all seemed magical and otherworldly. But in todays world, we have more information. We’ve been to the top of the tallest mountains in the world. Guess what. No immortals living there.

Just because we don’t understand why we are here, or how the universe works doesn’t prove someone orchestrated everything. Yes, it is possible. I understand that. But with as much doubt as I have that someone actually did consciously create everything, I have even more doubt that, if someone was behind it all, it was the God from the Bible. As I’ve said before, Man has put his mark on everything he as ever come in contact with. Written text is far too easy to edit, change, and warp for me to think that a 2000 year old book hasn’t been adapted to suit the men who compiled it.

Therefore, I have no more reason to believe in the God from the Bible, than I do Odin. This ‘proof’ that is presented to me is simply science we don’t understand yet. We know how lightning works today. We know the image of a god chucking a bolt of lightning like a javelin is simply untrue. I think, sooner or later, we will find the answers to the modern questions that we have that some consider proof of God in today’s world. Everything is within walking distance if you have the time.

Before I get the barrage of  “Christianity is about faith, not proof!” responses, I know that already. Believe me, I’m reminded on a pretty regular basis by the members of the flock of this fact. That is a subject I’ve touched upon several times to date. Anyone who has read this blog from the beginning knows how I feel about that excuse. It sounds a lot like “The Wizard of Oz” to me. “Behold the all powerful Wizard of Oz…….but don’t look behind the curtain lest you find out he isn’t real.” The Wizard was a man made ruse meant to intimidate people. I simply think that is more likely, concerning God, than the idea of an all powerful being. What do you think. What seems more likely to you. One single entity creating everything out of nothing, or men creating deities to try to explain what they don’t understand? I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen more examples of one rather than the other.



  1. The human Brain is a finite thinking ball of energy that constantly needs affirmation for what it doesn’t understand. Concepts/deities/religions are constantly being created by humans to help the finite thinking brain have some type of understanding to what it cannot comprehend. These Concepts/deities/religions over time turn into belief systems that brake down into finer systems that humans feel comfortable believing or not believing in because it fits there Brains way of conceptualizing the unknown. Who Are We? What Are We? What Is All This? How Did We Get Here? Where Do We Go Next? xct. Most Humans are at a point in time now where the belief in one deity and the concepts/story’s and the finer systems of that deity are most comfortable to conceptualize as it shows a beginning and an end. This day and age of thinking will pass just as other Concepts/deities/religions did in the past. The human race will continue to grow and the Concepts/deities/religions will change to suet the needs of the next day and age of human thinkers. To me … An ever changing, never ending cycle from the finite thinking brain to try and help humans conceptualize the unknown.

    Thanks Doc.

  2. “Just because we don’t understand why we are here, or how the universe works doesn’t prove someone orchestrated everything.”

    Hasn’t science explained why we are here, and how the universe works? I mean, don’t we understand both of those things? And c’mon, man, Yggdrasil is a tree, not a mountain! (wink wink)

  3. Over 100 years ago, Nietzsche presented the idea that, with the advances of science and social reform (moving toward a more non-religious European society), our understanding(s) of how things work and what they are has, essentially, killed the Christian God. He also went on to imply that to retain the use of God in society would only cause “us” to question our knowledgeable gains until we convince ourselves that our new truths are fabricated lies. Granted, even Stephen Hawking was willing to admit that his theory on black holes (one briefly adapted as the greatest explanation leaning toward truth) was flawed. That’s just what happens when you have enough time to check your work. And that’s just what happens to “us.” We theorize and theorize until we later find flaws and/or corrections to our ideals. The Bible, God, creationism, evolution, big bang, homosexuality is genetic, aliens seeded the earth for slaves; all just theories. I don’t know that God doesn’t exist but I have yet to meet her face to face. Yes, I’ve seen “miracles” where tumors shrink and disappear from masses of prayer; even seen other infirm people experience a “healing” due to the same. However, we don’t know that it was not the infirm individual’s energy that did the work; possibly the flow of worldwide energies “toward” that individual. So much yet to be explained. Who we are, where did we come from, where are we going, is there a God or “when your dead, your brown bread.” We have a whole universe of unanswered questions and answers we have yet to discover and still we spend most of our energy arguing over theories. If we stop arguing and let the theories be, we may just find some answers.

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